“And now, how do I implement a SSC?” This question should be answered by the managers who will lead the Shared Service Center (SSC) implementation process at your organization.

It is possible to easily find, through surveys and participation in forums, the Shared Services concept and ways of evolving the SSC at companies that already have it as part of their structure. However, the question “now what?” for those who do not have a SSC implemented remains unanswered. The majority of the companies that take part in discussion groups about SSC have already completed the initial implementation phase and the focus of their discussions is generally on the future of already existing SSCs. It is more difficult to find discussions about the initial phase of the SSC implementation, a moment at which the processes are still under Business Unit management.

This article will address the elements of a SSC Implementation Methodology, from the creation to the implementation of the full Shared Services concept. We hope that a brief description of the phases of implementation of this Methodology, with an enhanced focus on the initial phase, can help orient managers in the sense of identifying the first steps for initiating the SSC at their companies.

The Methodology divides the implementation of a SSC into three waves preceded by a Feasibility Study, which can be called “phase zero.” Wave one is Management Consolidation, wave two is Housecleaning and the final wave is Demand Education.