The use of performance indicators is a beneficial practice for any type of organization, however, the focus of this article is the Shared Services Centers market. In SSCs, indicators can and should be used to improve the internal management as they allow control of activities, employee motivation and identification of problems and possible solutions.


Looking specifically at SSCs, indicators constitute in a crucial mechanism for the day to day processes. Companies that choose to implement a SSC have as main objectives to reduce costs and improve service levels. The KPIs allow tracking of these goals, as they are monitored in the phases of implementation, stabilization and even during the evolution of SSC.

In this context, we highlight the Visual Management, which consists of a resource used by many centers to expose performance metrics in a simple and visual way. Ideally, this exposure occurs through automatic dashboards running on Just in Time model, so as soon as a variable is modified, the information is automatically updated. Thus, the KPIs are displayed to a greater number of people simultaneously, facilitating communication and allowing a macro control of all processes.